Passionate about BBQ's. Aiming to inspire everyone to BBQ all year round.


About Love2BBQ: My Story

I started Love2BBQ because I feel inspired to share the pleasure that I get from barbecue with others who may not have made that discovery. I want to change the perception (especially in the UK) that a barbecue just needs to be about sausages, burgers and chicken. There is nothing wrong doing with these food types but there are so many simple options available.

It is not just about fair weather either but something that can be enjoyed all year round.

So what do I want to achieve:

  • Get more people using their barbecue all year round
  • Get people trying different foods on the barbecue
  • Change the perception it is only the domain of males
  • Show the healthy side of BBQ’ing
  • Share the pleasure of BBQ’s

There are so many enthusiasts out there and I would love to hear from you with your ideas together with content you would like to see on this site.


Articles to Help You Get Started

Below are link to some articles to help with your barbecue. If you would like to see any other articles or have any questions please email me at

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