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Smokey Sweet BBQ Clams

Clams Cooking

Smokey Sweet BBQ Clams

Clams on the BBQ

Mussels are a firm favourite of mine so when I saw fresh clams in my local supermarket I thought I should try them on the BBQ.

The recipe I came up with is not dissimilar to how I would cook mussels, but the addition of the honey really adds some sweetness to this dish. This is a great dish for a light lunch and love doing this in the summer.

I own the Weber Gourmet BBQ System (GBS), so I can cook this dish easily on the BBQ using the wok. If you don’t own the GBS you can use an over proof dish which will get you the same results. Just set you BBQ up for indirect cooking. I do it this way and add a wood chunk to infuse a bit more smokiness to the clams as the cook time is relatively short. I get my wood chunks from the Smokewood Shack. Great selection of wood and really quick delivery.

Now for the Cooking

The first thing to do is get your BBQ lit and the coals ready to cook on. Once you are ready to cook start by making your sauce for the clams. This is just a case of adding the onions and garlic to the wok with a little butter. Once you have fried them off a bit add the white wine and white wine vinegar. Finally stir in the honey and cook for a period with the other ingredients before adding the clams.

When I initially add the clams I put the lid on the BBQ to help get them infused with smoke. I tend to leave them for around 5 minutes and then give them a good stir making sure they all get covered in the lovely sauce. I repeat this until all the clams have opened.

To serve I simply add to a bowl and cover with a good amount of the sauce. I love to also slice some Sourdough and either toast it with some garlic butter or just serve it untoasted to dunk in the lovely sweet sauce.


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