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Smokey BBQ Chilli Con Carne

Smokey BBQ Chilli Con Carne

A Household Favourite

Who doesn’t like a good Chilli Con Carne? It is one of the favourites in our home. This recipe cooked on the BBQ really adds an additional dimension to this popular dish.

Like all the recipes on this site it is pretty straight forward and will provide a smokey tasting Chilli Con Carne that has a really good depth of flavour. You can cook up a large batch and then either freeze it or warm up the next day. It seems to increase the smokiness and really does taste great.

I do not use a huge number of ingredients but you can easily adapt it to make it your own. Carrots or Red Peppers would both be a good addition but you can have fun experimenting to get the dish just how you like it.

BBQ Set-up

I own a Weber 57 Gourmet Barbeque System (GBS). The great thing about this BBQ is there is a middle portion on the grill that removed and allows a different attachment to be added. It is so versatile and I will be adding a review on the site shortly.

For this recipe I use the Weber Wok, but you could use a dutch oven or oven proof pan to achieve the same result. I am really impressed with the Weber Wok. Despite the high temperatures it is subject to it great to cook on and always easy to clean up.

Set the BBQ up for an indirect cook and use some wood chunks for added smokiness. I tend to use a oak from old whiskey barrels which you can readily get from the Smokewood Shack.  They do a great variety of wood chips and wood chunks.

Now you have your BBQ set up it is time to get on with the cooking.

Tip: If you find the the Chilli Con Carne too spicy add some lemon juice which will help reduce the heat.

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