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Orange and Tarragon Scallops

Orange and Tarragon Scallops

Orange and Tarragon Scallops

BBQ Cook 100 – Orange and Tarragon Scallops

I am a real fan of seafood. I don’t cook it as much as I should on the BBQ. As part of my 100th BBQ cook of 2017, I wanted to do something a little special. After doing a little reading after having some initial ideas, I came up with this Orange and Tarragon Scallop recipe.

It basically involves 4 different parts:

  1. The Scallops which need to be the start of the show;
  2. The Orange & Tarragon Sauce;
  3. The Puff Pastry Scallop shells;
  4. The Julienne vegetables.

Cooking the Scallops

These can be left until the last minute. I used the Weber GBS Skillet. A quick 2 minutes on each side will cook them perfectly.

Preparing the Puff Pastry Scallop Shells

I just used shop bought puff pastry. Take the scallop shell and brush with olive oil and then wrap the puff pastry over the shell. You need to rim it and then put to one side until you are ready to sick them in the over.

The Vegetables

For the veg I used courgette and rainbow carrots. Thinly slice the all into matchstick sized pieces. This is a technique known as julienne. Again, these can be prepared in advance and cooked closer to when you are ready to serve.

Orange and Tarragon Sauce

This is the most labour intensive part of this dish and the part that takes the longest. I would recommend preparing all the other elements first and then concentrate on making the sauce.

It sounds like there is lots to do here but I think by getting the prep done in advance it will really help in making this dish straightforward to do. I was really pleased how it came out and I think it would be perfect to serve on special occasions or when you are looking to impress guests.

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Orange and Tarragon
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