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BBQ Chicken Wings using the Vortex

BBQ Chicken Wings using the Vortex

BBQ Chicken Wings

I initially came across this BBQ Chicken Wings recipe on This recipe from Kelly (@DreamingOfTGL) is great together with numerous other recipes on her site.

It basically consists of mixing together a bottle of Frankie’s Red Hot sauce and Ranch Dressing. I always use the Frankie’s Red Hot sauce but have tried different sauces to provide a slightly different taste. So far I have mixed in a Blue Cheese variant and for my last batch I used a Garlic and Herb dressing (Tesco own).

The other ingredient I will typically add is a BBQ rub. A couple of tablespoons mixed in with the marinade.

Marinate, Marinate, Marinate

One of the things I always try to do with any meat that is going on the BBQ is marinate it for as long as possible. I find this not only helps to tenderise the meat and/or keep it moist but it also helps it not burn when cooking. So ideally marinate the Chicken Wings in the fridge overnight.

The bit of ‘magic’ in Kelly’s recipe add is in a basting sauce she creates. Basically, take the remainder of the marinade and mix with some garlic and butter and cook¬†over a medium heat. Let this cool and then as your BBQ Chicken Wings are cooking baste them with this sauce. This step is optional but I think does add additional flavour to the BBQ Chicken Wings.

Now for the Cook

So I own a BBQ Vortex, which is basically a funnel shaped metal tube which allows you to cook BBQ in a variety of ways. I typically use the Vortex to do my Chicken Wings. It helps to create a really high and intensive heat which helps crisp up the chicken without burning it.

The BBQ Vortex sits in the centre of the BBQ (if you have a kettle BBQ) and then your Chicken Wings are placed around the outside. Using the BBQ Vortex they take approximately 45 minutes to cook. I tend to also add a chunk of wood directly on the BBQ Vortex to create a really deep smokey flavour in the chicken.

If you don’t own a BBQ Vortex, you could cook these using an indirect method for around 1 hour and then cook directly for a few minutes to crisp them up. Again, cooking indirectly I would recommend adding some wood chunks or wood chips to add a little smokiness.

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