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Tomahawk Steak Resting

Tomahawk Steak

0 of 5 45 Minutes

Tomahawk Steak – Cook 100 I recently completed my 100th BBQ cook of 2017. Yes you guessed it I did a Tomahawk Steak. I have done a couple of these...

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Orange and Tarragon Scallops

Orange and Tarragon Scallops

0 of 5 60 Minutes

BBQ Cook 100 – Orange and Tarragon Scallops I am a real fan of seafood. I don’t cook it as much as I should on the BBQ. As part of...

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Orange and Soy Marinated Tuna Steak

Orange & Soy Marinated Tuna Steak

0 of 5 10 Minutes

If I am totally honest I am not a huge fan of Tuna. In contrast my wife loves it. As a result it rarely gets cooked in our home. I...

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BBQ Chicken Souvlaki Cooking

BBQ Chicken Souvlaki

0 of 5 20 Minutes

Spending a few years growing up in Cyprus, Souvlaki was a common part of my diet. We ate out most nights. This was before Cyprus became more commercialised, so it...

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Padamo Quick Booster

Review: Padamo Quick Booster

What is the Padamo Quick Booster The Padamo Quick Booster is a BBQ accessory that works in conjunction with your Chimney Starter and helps light your briquettes and charcoal quickly. It works by blowing air up the chimney starter which accelerates the time it will take to get you cooking. I first came across this type […]

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Dragon Knuckle Glove

Review: Dragon Knuckle Gloves

Gloves are Essential A pair of heat resistant BBQ gloves are essential when using the BBQ, especially if you are lighting using the Chimney Starter. I have previously used the Weber Premium Gloves but after my last pair started to wear through, I decided to try the Dragon Knuckle gloves. If you want to reasons […]

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UK BBQ Week Banner

The Real UK BBQ Week is Coming!

The Background to UK BBQ Week This celebration of UK BBQ has been created by a group of amateur BBQ enthusiasts who have a passion for this fantastic way to cook. The idea is to showcase some of the fantastic BBQ in the UK today, and encourage more people to try something different. It is […]

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Russian Skewers

Review: Russian Skewers

A problem cured I really enjoy a good kebab cooked on the grill. Whether it is skewered meat, fish or veg the charred taste from cooking on a BBQ is amazing. However, cooking with normal skewers has the food sitting directly on the grate. It often sticks and when you try to rotate the skewer, […]

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