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Review: Dragon Knuckle Gloves

Dragon Knuckle Glove

Review: Dragon Knuckle Gloves

Gloves are Essential

A pair of heat resistant BBQ gloves are essential when using the BBQ, especially if you are lighting using the Chimney Starter. I have previously used the Weber Premium Gloves but after my last pair started to wear through, I decided to try the Dragon Knuckle gloves.

If you want to reasons why you should a good pair of BBQ gloves take a look at this article.

The Dragon Knuckle Gloves

I came across these gloves on Twitter. They were being quite heavily promoted through the use of video, many of which were very impressive. There were a series of videos that demonstrated (pretty effectively) how heat resistant the Dragon Knuckle are.

Example Video Promotion:

Yes you guessed it, I fell for the marketing pitch which I think you will agree is pretty impressive.

One comment that did make me laugh is someone commented when they saw me using them that the liked ‘my BMX gloves’.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Knuckels  are not available in the UK. However, you can order from the US (on Amazon) and at the time of ordering they were on sale. Be aware if you also do this you may incur some import duty.

The Verdict

As mentioned in previous articles on my site, I think heat-resistant gloves are an essential addition to your BBQ collection. They will help ensure you do minimise the chances of burning yourself but they greatly help in managing the overall cook.

These Dragon Knuckle are fantastic. Like the Weber Premium they help you get a good grip on the accessories you use. The coverage of the silicon material is much more expansive than the Weber Premium so I feel these gloves provide that little bit more resistance to the heat. I can also easily move coals around, move hot grill plates and if you really wanted to you can touch the side of a lit chimney starter and not burn yourself.

In terms of how they compare to the Weber Premium overall, I don’t think there is a great deal in it. The Dragon Knuckle does feel heavier and more sturdy. I also do think that they provide a little more protection. Because the Weber are a little more lightweight I do find handling items a little easier with them.

If I had to decide between the two I would go for the Dragon Knuckle gloves. There is not a great deal between them and the potential hassle of ordering from the US may put you off. If you do order a paid I doubt you will be disappointed.

Dragon Knuckle also offer a lifetime guarantee which is pretty impressive. I am just getting details of this so once received I will update this post.

Would love to know your thought or answer any questions you may have.


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