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Review: Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal BBQ

Weber Go Anywhere Cooking

Review: Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal BBQ

Portable BBQ versus Disposable BBQ

One thing I love about BBQ is that you can cook great food in some stunning locations. Throughout the years I have often used the disposable BBQ’s. They do a job but there is no comparison with purpose built portable BBQ’s.

There are numerous different BBQ’s out there at different price ranges. You can pick them up from as cheap as £10. Whilst these models may not have all the features to maximise your cook they will give you a much better cook than the disposal.

With a portable you will also be able to use the fuel you want. Using briquettes from Weber or the Australian Heat Beads, you will be able to get a long, not rushed cook. I always find that using a disposal the cook time in minimised, it’s difficult to control the heat and you won’t get the best result you can. Anything you can do to make your cook easier will reap benefits in the quality of food you produce.

Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal BBQ

I own a Weber 57cm Mastertouch and a Weber Smokey Mountain. One of the things that impresses me with Weber BBQ’s is the build quality, so no surprise Weber was the brand I started to look at. They offer 2 main models: the Weber Go Anywhere and the Weber Smokey Joe. Neither of these models are the cheapest out there but in the case of Weber Go Anywhere it had all the features I was looking for in a portable BBQ:

  1. Portability – it is easy to transport and the rectangular size in very convenient;
  2. Good Cook Area – I like the rectangular design on this portable BBQ. Makes it easy to set up indirect and direct cooking zones if required;
  3. A lid – I like to be able to cover my food when cooking to infuse it with the smoke. This lid will also hook on the side to provide a wind-break;
  4. Vents – this BBQ has vents in the base and also in the lid. This makes it much easier to control the airflow in the BBQ and therefore the heat. For me this is must-have when cooking.

The overall design of this BBQ is great. It has hinged legs which provide really good stability when using the BBQ. They provide a good clearance from the surface you are cooking on so should help not to burn or scorch the surface. When you are not using the BBQ, the legs pivot and lock the lid firmly in place.


The first thing I would re-iterate is portable BBQ’s are so superior to the disposable type. For me is a no brainer to invest in a portable.

The Weber Go Anywhere is a fantastic portable BBQ. I have owned it for around a year now and have no regrets. It has a great build quality and design.  I can see this BBQ lasting me for many years!

It also has all the features I would want from a portable BBQ and really does help to make your cook much easier. Not the cheapest on the market but if you want a BBQ that will last for a number of years and help you with your cook you cannot go far wrong with the Weber Go Anywhere.

Do you own one? Would love to hear your thoughts.



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