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Review: Weber Rotisserie for the 57cm Kettle BBQ

BBQ Chicken Kebab

Review: Weber Rotisserie for the 57cm Kettle BBQ

The Weber Rotisserie – My Best BBQ Accessory

I have owned the Weber Rotisserie since December 2016 and I have to say it is my favourite BBQ accessory. I have completed a variety of cooks and I would say it is an almost full-proof way of cooking great tasting succulent food on the BBQ.

What’s in the Box?

The Rotisserie for the Weber 57cm comes in quite a large box. It basically contains 3 main pieces:

  1. The Rotisserie Ring that sits on top of the Weber BBQ;
  2. The Electric Motor;
  3. The Spit Forks to hold your meat in place.

As you would expect with a Weber product the build quality is excellent. It is extremely easy to put together (without instructions) and is quick to set-up / take-down for each cook.

You need to be aware that it is electric so if you decide to purchase one of these you will need an electric power source near to your BBQ to use it.

What to Cook

In the past 7 months I have cooked a number of different foods using the rotisserie. With a little bit of research and a good temperature probe you will be able to create some great tasting dishes.

What I also like about the rotisserie is that it will help encourage people to cook throughout the year. Once you set-up and start the cook you can leave the meat to cook and just check it periodically. If bad/cold weather puts you off this may help get you using your BBQ all year round.

So in 2017 these are my favourite cooks using the recipe:

    1. Chicken Doner Kebab (Kellybab): This is an absolute revelation! I have cooked this numerous times this year and it never fails to hit the spot. My family love it, guests (new and old) love it. Also, when you see other BBQ’ers talk about this recipe they rave about it. This recipe is from @dreamingOftgl and you can find the kebab recipe here.
    2. Spitroast Chicken: This has also developed into a firm family favourite. Apply your favorite rub, skewer the chicken, pop it on the BBQ and a short time later you will be enjoying smokey, succulent, flavoursome chicken.
    3. BBQ Beef Topside: Another firm favorite for a Sunday lunch or dinner is beef. It is really easy to cook the meat using the rotisserie and control whether to serve your meat from rare to well done.
    4. Suckling Pig: With the addition of some U-bolts to help hold the pig in place you can easily cook a suckling pig on the rotisserie. Cooked right you will end up with a really nice crackling all over with lovely tasting meat from pig. I purchased mine from – quick delivery and tasted great.
    5. Baby Back Ribs: I have tried these once using the rotisserie. My preference is using my smoker but they typically take 5 hours. When time is short an alternative is to cook them on the rotisserie. They are not as good and ‘low ‘n’ slow’ but if you are in a rush or want some midweek ribs when you get home from work, this could work for you.

The list does not end here. I have seen other BBQ enthusiasts cook quail, pheasant and pineapple using the rotisserie.


The outlay for the rotisserie is relatively high coming in at circa £150. You really need to think how much you are going to use it. If it is going to come out once a month over the summer will it really provide you with value for money. However, if you are going to use it more regularly and potentially over the colder seasonal months I think it is a no brainer.

I now cook outside more than I do inside. The BBQ and smoker form the basis of my kitchen and then I have lots of accessories to help me get the cooks I want. Some people will spend significant amounts of gadgets for their ‘indoor kitchen’, so the amount of use the rotisserie gets in my home fully justifies the cost.

The other thing to consider is how easy the rotisserie is to cook with. As mentioned earlier, with a small amount of research it is almost impossible not to produce great tasting food. It also looks spectacular, so is a great way to impress your guests.

I would whole-heartedly recommend the Weber Rotisserie, but whether you can justify the cost is very much down to how much you think you will use it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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