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Weber Q: Electric BBQ

Weber Q: Electric BBQ

Weber Q: Electric BBQ

BBQ and Electric in the Same Sentence?

On a holiday recently the place we stayed advertised a BBQ, which I was delighted at. However, on arrival it turned out to be an Weber Q electric BBQ which disappointed me a little. Prior to my holiday, BBQ and electric did not go in the same sentence.

The Weber Q is a pretty simple device. Plug it in and then twist a heat knob on the side to select the temperature. I let it heat up for a while before beginning to cook. Through the week we tried pork sausages, chicken sausages, burgers, steaks and pittas on the Weber Q. All of them cooked with surprisingly good results.

The grill itself did not seem to get very hot. For the pork sausages and burgers I had the grill on maximum and they took about 25 minutes to cook. I enjoy having my sausages in a pitta and the Weber Q cooked the pittas beautifully. They puffed up really nicely and warmed through but did not burn.

The burgers also cooked well. Again, they did not burn but had a nice char each side but without that much loved smokiness.

The chicken sausages cooked much quicker and I needed to turn the heat down to a moderate heat.

The Sirloin steaks took a while to cook. Again, they cooked well but it was just not the same as cooking over a naked flame. The grill did not get hot enough. I like my steak either medium or medium rare, but also like it seared on the outside. It would be really difficult to achieve on the BBQ I was using.

Weber Q: The Verdict

One thing that was missing in the whole experience was the smokiness in the food. This could be partly solved by using a smoking box but I don’t think it would totally get that taste we all love from cooking over a natural flame. However, the Weber Q cooked all the food really well, was very quick to get going and incredibly easy to regulate the heat.

This reminded me a bit of the George Foreman grills, which typically cooks food well but it not really anything to shout home about.

This BBQ would suit people that are very new to BBQ or BBQ very infrequently. If this is the case and you want to start cooking outdoors, you cannot go far wrong here, although I would be more inclined to recommend gas. I could also see that if you live in an area where naked flames are not a good idea (i.e. a flat balcony), again the Weber Q would be a good option. However, if you really want to experience good grilled BBQ food I would highly recommend sticking with gas or charcoal, both of which have their own merits.

On a final note, the location I was cooking in could not have been better! Looking over Whitsand Bay, Cornwall at sunset.

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