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Weber Academy Essentials BBQ Course

Weber Academy Essentials BBQ Course

Weber Academy Essentials BBQ Course

About Weber Grill Academy

Weber have a BBQ Grill Academy (Weber Academy) in the UK, that offers a variety of courses throughout the year, in various locations around the country. Their range of courses include:

  • Barbecue Classics
  • Weber Essentials
  • Seafood Essentials
  • American Barbecue
  • The Art of Charcoal Grilling
  • Winter Warmers

Typically, they are around 4 hours in length and will cover a variety of tools, tip and techniques.

Weber Essentials Class

I attended the Weber Academy Essentials class in April 2016, which was run in Portsmouth by Barbara from Emsworth Cookery School. It was a reasonably large class (around 20) and we split into different groups, each specialising in different aspects of the menu, which included:

  • Stone baked pizza
  • Beer can chicken with herb and butter paprika rub
  • Sage & Mushroom Risotto
  • Sirloin or ribeye steaks
  • Smoked pork loin & crackling
  • Grilled broccoli with chilli and garlic
  • Coal roasted sweet potatoes with salsa verde
  • Chocolate molten puddings

As you can see from the menu, it was not necessarily your normal BBQ food. Personally, this was great for me especially in respect of learning about some equipment that helps to cook veggies on the BBQ and also how to introduce puddings into my BBQ’ing. It really helped in getting me inspired about what alternative and different foods can be cooked on the grill and also what equipment I may need to get the best results.

The course also provided a great overview of the Weber range of BBQ’s and some of the accessories that are available. You get to use both gas and charcoal BBQ’s, and get to experiment with different accessories, such as the chimney starter, together with seeing the Weber fire retardant gloves in action (which are amazing).

Although your not hands-on cooking every item, there was plenty of time to observe and ask questions about the menu items you were not directly involved with. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable, together with being really enthusiastic which just added to the day. A bit like most things you get out of the day what you put into it!

Some of the food is cooked through the course so you get to try pieces as you are going along. The pizzas and steaks were cooked this way and were both amazing. The majority of the food is cooked by the respective groups and then all served up and you try all the food, which is basically your lunch, which you can wash down with a beer of glass of wine.

The people on the course had a variety of skill levels, from complete novices through to people that barbecued fairly regular. Speaking to the group, everyone I spoke to enjoyed the course and learnt lots, which I guess is the primary reason for attending one of these courses.

A Great Experience

For me personally, it was a really enjoyable, fun experience and I also learnt lots. It enthused me further about grilling / BBQ (if that was possible) and opened my eyes up to the wide range of Weber BBQ’s and accessories available, together with showing me that ANYTHING can be cooked on a BBQ.

Overall, I think the Weber Academy is a great initiative that will only help increase the popularity of BBQ in the UK and help to educate people on different foods that can be eaten outside from the grill.


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