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Bear Paws

Bear Paws

Bear Paws

I got bought these Bear Paws a couple of years ago and they have had some serious use. Once you have got yourself a pair of these you will use them on a regular basis. Quite often I buy kitchen / BBQ accessories that get used once and then they end up at the back of a cupboard or drawer. It is definitely not the case with these.

The Bear Paws are not only great for when you are doing BBQ but they are also good when handling other large cuts of meat that you may need to lift, slice or pull apart.

What would you use them for?

  • Lifting: the Bear Paws are great for lifting large cuts of meat from the BBQ or Smoker. They are easy to grip and are like an extension of your hands. The sharp claws penetrate the meat easily that makes it rally easy to lift and transfer the meat;
  • Slicing: it is very easy to use one of the paws to hold the meat in place whilst you slice your meat. They are especially useful when you get down to slicing the last pieces and ensures you can keep your fingers well out the way;
  • Pulling: the Bear Paws are great for pulling meat apart like pulled pork and shred the meat really well. They really make this task easy.

Dishwasher safe so they are also easy to get clean and always come up really clean. They are made of plastic but after 2 years of use are still like they are still like they are new.

They are also very really reasonable priced (under £10) and it will definitely be one purchase that you feel was real value for money.

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