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Napoleon 2in1 Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Napoleon 2in1 Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Napoleon 2in1 Wok & Beer Can Chicken Roaster

If you have never tried Beer Can Chicken on the BBQ you should! It is a really fun and easy way to cook chicken and the results are always great, producing really moist and flavoursome chicken without fail.

I started out just sticking a half full beer can up the chicken (drinking the other half of course) and then precariuosly balancing the chicken on my BBQ and hoping it didn’t fall over. Some would say this is part of the fun, but the introduction of beer can chicken accessories to the market has eradicated this issue.

On opening the Napoleon 2in1 Beer Can Chicken Roaster there were a number of different parts but no instructions were included in the box. It was not difficult to put together but some instructions would have helped. You basically have the wok, the cup/liquid holder to pour your liquid in (yes the actually beer can is not needed) and a cone which sits in the cup/ liquid holder to make it easy to get the chicken on and off.

I like the overall design of the product. If you are applying a rub you can do this once the chicken is in situ and the remnants of the rub fall into the wok portion which makes this quite a good way to easily apply the rub and not make alot of mess. Removing the need for the actual can, and the conical shaped tool really do make it easy to add and remove your chicken. The product is also very stable and is very easy to carry to and from the BBQ and it is sturdy with no chance of the chicken falling over.

On the downside there are a couple of things that are disappointing.  The way the cup/liquid holder fixes to the wok is strange. You align some hole and click the holder in. However, when juices drip from the chicken they can escape through the bottom of the wok. This may have been intentional as it is not an issue these dripping on the BBQ coals but when you carry the roaster into the kitchen (or to the table) for carving, juices will drip on your patio, floor and table.

The other thing I found disappointing with the Napoleon roaster was that the non-stick surface did not last long. To be honest, this might have been my fault to a certain degree. When cooking Beer Can Chicken you will cook it using an indirect method. When using the roaster I finished it off on a direct heat for 10-15 minutes which created a burnt crust on the wok. When cleaning it later on the non-stick coating came away. The instructions may have said not to cook over a direct heat but as they were missing I will never know.

This product is so close to being excellent. With a couple of minor improvements I think this could be an excellent product but with the issues I encountered it is hard to give it a glowing review. It is definitely better than just using a beer can and I think better than some of it’s competitors but definitely room for improvement.

In Summary:

Beer Can Chicken is a great way to cook chicken on the BBQ to get really moist and tasty chicken. The Napoleon 2in1 Wok & Beer roaster is a really good accessory for doing chicken this way but has a couple of annoying flaws that mean this product does not get the rating that with a few small tweaks would see it gaining glowing reviews.

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